Understanding what's best for your body in the midst of all the opinions out there is exhausting enough. Mix in constant feelings of guilt and body image distortion from diet culture and social media, and you have a recipe for a rocky relationship with food. Whether you're looking to optimize your daily habits, learn how to nourish for a specific condition, or improve your relationship with food, Stevi can help.

Nutrition is too confusing to navigate alone.

After working with dozens of clients, a few things have become clear:

1. It takes time to heal
2. Committed clients get the best outcomes
3. This investment will pay dividends for decades to come


When we’ve jumped the big hurdles and you’re feeling like you’ve got the tools you need for a healthy lifestyle, the next step is the maintenance plan. This way, you can stay accountable and have access to recipes, resources, ask me questions, run routine labs, and get supplement regimen tweaks as needed. 

Phase 3


Once we determine a plan of action together in the total health analysis, it’s time to do the work to get you healthy. It’s realistic to expect a minimum of 6 months of working together to give us both the chance to make real changes and give your body time to heal so you get your time and money’s worth. 

Phase 2

  • 60 minute intake
  • 60 minute follow up lab review session
  • Up to 3 hours of prep, research, and protocol building 
  • Resources, recipes, and supplement recommendations as needed to get you started


During the first two sessions, I use a variety of clinical tools to assess underlying issues and imbalances in your health, diet and lifestyle. We dive deep into symptoms, health history, daily habits, and lab values to understand where you may need specialized care. 

Phase 1


*prices of labs not included. Labs needed Will be determined during intake consultation. 

  • 25-minute sessions bi-monthly *OR* 50 min session once per month
  • Up to 2 hours per session of prep, research, and protocol building
  • Resources, recipes, and supplement recommendations as needed
  • Weekly messaging support 
  • Weekly diet journal reviews & feedback

  • Monthly messaging check-ins
  • Quarterly 45-minute session credit  
  • supplement and lab reviews as needed 
  • Access to recipes and resources in the portal

Functional Health Analysis

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Maintenance Plan


"Stevi is so knowledgeable and listens well. She was able to identify patterns and ensure me that I was not alone in what I was experiencing. I was blown away by how she listened to and cared for me as a person in addition to caring for my nutrition. A lot of the questions could feel very personal but Stevi created a safe space that allowed me to feel comfortable sharing things about my body with her, knowing she was seeking my best interest!"

What clients are saying...

3 John 1:2

"Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well."

I would be honored for the chance to hear your story, understand your frustrations, and work together to restore your vibrancy. I love what I do, and I hope it shows!

"Stevi talked me through my days and what I am eating on a consistent basis. We discussed the struggles I have with my diet and where I can make gradual lifestyle changes that will benefit my long term health. I learned how some of my food choices and daily habits are affecting how tired I am. Stevi showed me simple fixes to make sure that I can that make a difference. I am already putting these into practice and have had more energy and joy."

"I was blown away by how she listened to and cared for me as a person in addition to caring for my nutrition." -Client

"Maple Photography felt like an extension of our family ... it was like hanging out with friends!"

"Their unique approach left me in tears ... they captured our true, messy, love-filled life!"


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