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I recently did a deep dive into alcohol at the request of D Magazine (see my quote!), and let me tell you alcohol is a touchy topic in the health and wellness world. I’ll start by saying I love a good glass of wine or a celebratory cocktail. But the more I study about alcohol’s […]

How Reducing Alcohol Could Add to Your Health

When I’m asked, “what is one thing you wish more people did that would greatly impact their health,” I typically always answer “eat more green vegetables.” If there is one thing that we can get (almost) the whole nutrition world to agree upon, it’s that increasing green vegetables in your diet is a win. They […]

8 Ways to Eat More Vegetables and *ENJOY IT*

It’s 40 degrees and raining outside. And I’m standing in it, staring at a table full of root vegetables and leafy greens. If I’m honest, this is not my best experience at the Farmer’s Market. But rain or shine, I am here to support my local farmers- in particular, I’m loving what I see at […]

Winter Greens & Radish Pesto Pizza

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