Concierge Nutrition


Are you a high-achieving individual who has every detail of their life down to a science... except food? Whether you know how to eat healthy but don't have the time to make it happen, or you're too busy to weed through the conflicting evidence to know what's best, The Salt + Light Concierge Nutrition Membership offers an enhanced version of normal membership with the heavy lifting done for you by an expert nutritionist.

*price of food not included 

"Your personal nutrition assistant." 

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  • 60 minute intake
  • weekly accountability meetings
  • personalized research and protocol building
  • menu selection and Food delivery management
  • snacks, drinks, and extras sent directly to you
  • on-demand texting sUPPORT
  • functional lab testing, supplements, and everything else you need to achieve your goals 

Concierge Nutrition Membership

"I was blown away by how she listened to and cared for me as a person in addition to caring for my nutrition." - Tori

"Maple Photography felt like an extension of our family ... it was like hanging out with friends!"

"Their unique approach left me in tears ... they captured our true, messy, love-filled life!"


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