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I recently did a deep dive into alcohol at the request of D Magazine (see my quote!), and let me tell you alcohol is a touchy topic in the health and wellness world. I’ll start by saying I love a good glass of wine or a celebratory cocktail. But the more I study about alcohol’s […]

How Reducing Alcohol Could Add to Your Health

Blood sugar balance is important for everyone – not just diabetics. I talk about blood sugar balance with pretty much every single one of my clients because it’s one of the number 1 ways to restore your health – from hormone health to mental health to disease prevention, this is one of the things at […]

Is Your (Anxiety/Weight Gain/Hormone Imbalance) a Blood Sugar Issue?

Is “low-carb” the new “low fat”? Just as fat was the villian of the 80’s and 90’s, carbs seem to be on the chopping block in the nutrition world these days. While of course this is a nuanced, one-size-fits-none discussion, I will attempt to make a case for and against low(ish) carb diets so you […]

“How Many Carbs Should I Eat Every Day?”

You probably know by now that your gut is the foundation of your overall health. Maybe you heard your neighbor talk about probiotics, or read an article online talking about how yogurt is an important part of digestive health (can’t help but see Jamie Lee Curtis’ face in the Activia commercial…).  What may feel a […]

Gut Health: Influencing Immunity, Disease, Mental Health, Body Composition, & More

Key Takeaways: Your body produces cholesterol and it is vital for healthy cells and hormones More cholesterol in the blood can increase risk for damage done to the endothelium (blood vessel wall), but it’s not the ONLY factor Excess inflammation/oxidation and not enough antioxidants in the body promote cholesterol oxidation and hardening of the blood […]

Myths You’ve Been Told About Heart Disease

So funny story with this recipe… my husband said he was tired of eating oatmeal everyday, but wanted something he could quickly grab in the morning since he is often out the door early. As the main cook of the household, I knew I couldn’t add another things to my usual routine of meal prep. […]

Shortcut Make-Ahead Breakfast Casserole

Chia pudding is one of my go-to ways to up my fiber intake in the morning. It keeps blood sugar stable for hours so you don’t get that mid-morning hanger and can stay focused on what’s in front of you. Plus, with the addition of full-fat coconut milk, it has the most amazing texture. Pomegranate […]

Pomegranate Chia Pudding

This is by far the best baked oatmeal I have ever had. I love that it feels special and indulgent but doesn’t leave you sugar-crashing quite as much as waffles or pancakes. It’s a perfect weekend breakfast to make for the family or to make for yourself to eat on all week. You will want […]

Caramel Apple Baked Oatmeal

Promise me if you don’t think you like Brussels sprouts that you’ll try these before banishing them forever. This makes an impressive side for any gathering, or add a protein and you’ve got a filling meal for a weeknight.

Sweet & Spicy Roasted Brussels

Listen: relationships are complicated. When they go toxic in real life, you can cut them out. If you have an alcohol addiction, you can never drink again. When it goes toxic with food, guess what. You. Still. Have. To. Eat.  Whether you find yourself binging, restricting, constantly thinking about food, or all of the above, […]

6 Ways to Improve Your Relationship with Food

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